Designer driven by craft & context whose broad education, experience, and skill set contributes a unique perspective in any environment.


Tools + Programs
  • Glyphs + Python
  • Adobe Suite
  • HTML | CSS | JS
  • Rhino + Grasshopper
  • Max 7
  • Photography
  • 3D modeling
  • Hand drafting


Design & Consultancy
Recent projects include:
  • Panton Armenian – consultation on the design and programing for Fontfabic type foundry.

  • Adelle Sans Armenian – preparing specimen texts and artwork showcasing the Armenian extension of Adelle Sans by TypeTogether.
    → featured in 365typo vol. 2.
University of Reading
M.A. Typeface Design
Engaged in a year long immersive programme learning the tools, techniques, and critical research methods necessary for developing an informed design practice. The primary focus explored the relationships across styles and scripts, resulting in Byron – a multiscript typeface supporting Latin, Armenian, and Greek.

MATD | Byron
University of Colorado
B.A. Environmental Design
Graduated with honors through a four-year intensive architectural programme – a structured balance of theory and practice. Studio projects set to solve complex problems, using traditional drafting techniques coupled with contemporary digital methods.

Portfolio | 2010–2015


Type Design |
TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Conducted a series of workshops introducing students to the programs, tools, and techniques of typeface design. Results exhibited at Granshan Non-Latin Design conference. Contributed to Branding Gyumri project with a custom mural executed with the help of a student team.
Parametric Design |
TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Developed a workshop introducing teenagers to the capabilities of digital parametric modeling and the relevance of an analog practice. The workshop was a firsthand experience exposing students through all the stages of production – from design to fabrication.


Gulbenkian Scholarship
Programme aiming to encourage the study of current issues and problems faced by Armenia and the diaspora.
Michael Twyman Bursary
Awarded through the University of Reading to support promising applicants in their studies, and promote research in typography.
Louis Armstrong Award
The highest level interscholastic award given for outstanding musical achievement and an incredible dedication to the programme.